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Gooreader45portable: A Cross-Platform PDF Reader and Editor

Gooreader45portable: A Cross-Platform PDF Reader and Editor

If you are looking for a professional tool to create, convert, edit, and annotate your PDF files, you may have heard of GoodReader, a popular app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. But what if you want to use GoodReader on other operating systems, such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS? That's where Gooreader45portable comes in.


Download File:

Gooreader45portable is a port of GoodReader for other OSes. It has the same features and functionality as the original GoodReader, but it is packaged as a binary and is in Go source format. This means you can run it on any platform that supports Go, without installing anything. You can also use it as a portable app from a USB drive or a cloud folder.

Features of Gooreader45portable

Gooreader45portable is a file viewer with many powerful features, most of which address PDF and TXT viewing. Here are some of the main features of Gooreader45portable:

  • Read, annotate, and sign PDF documents.

  • View MS Office, TXT, HTML files.

  • View pictures, listen to audio, watch video files.

  • Easily maintain huge collections of files and folders.

  • Copy, move, rename files and folders; compress files and folders.

  • Auto-sync folders to remote servers such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP, AFP or SMB.