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Boku No Hero Academia Episode 2

In the previous episode, heroes from the U.A. united to lead a surprise attack on Shigaraki and All For One's army. It was definitely a good episode for the heroes, but the cliffhanger ending suggested a darker theme for the second episode. At the end of the episode, the heroes learn that Mr. Garaki, the mad scientist loyal only to All For One, is running a lab under a hospital. Apparently, Garaki is experimenting on people and creating monsters for AFO's army.

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 2

What a fantastic start it has been for this show. Two episodes that got straight to the point and contained displays of heroism that got this show to where it is in the first place. Heroism- this is our word of the day, for this was the basis of this entire episode in different ways. I expect this theme to continue throughout this season and, by extension, this review series. In all the hubbub surrounding My Villain Academia, we might have overlooked that the core of the show is still what makes a Hero.

That concert better be nice, because just two episodes later, "My Hero Academia" concludes its 4th season on a grim, disquieting note. The focus shifts to Endeavor and his struggle with being the world's top hero, uncertain of how to best apply the wise words All Might offered earlier in the year. At the same time, the audience is introduced in earnest to Hawks, the second-place hero and the League of Villains saboteur.

The second episode of "My Hero Academia" contains what is, arguably, one of anime's most triumphant moments. In "Izuku Midoriya: Origin," our protagonist, who also goes by the hero name "Deku," is introduced in all his wannabe, quirkless glory. As people with quirks have swelled in numbers, Deku is devastated to learn he does not possess one, putting an apparent end to his dream of becoming a hero. And yet, with the entrance exam for UA High School on the horizon, Deku remains hopeful, much to the chagrin of Bakugo, a sociopathic bully whose sole purpose in life appears to be tormenting Deku. 041b061a72

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