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Joseph Walker

Race, Shoot, and Survive in the Hills of Steel

Hills Of Steel is a free-of-charge mobile action game developed by Superplus Games known for making casual multiplayer games such as Hill of Steel 2 and Brawls of Steel. Here, you will scuffle your way from one battlefield to another until you reach the futuristic Moon. With the use of customizable tanks, you will go through the hills and smash your enemies with steel. You can obtain loot from these fallen enemies, which you can use to boost your vehicle with the best upgrades and special weapons available.

If you will look closely, it provides basic game mechanics but, still highly addicting. The tank vehicles are realistically designed in wobble style physics. So, expect the tanks to feel more of a beach-buggy on springs than a 50-tonne lump of steel. The only drawback of this game app is its coin and diamond rewards system, which gives an extremely small amount.

hillis of steel


Hillis-Carnes has been involved in several high-profile Pittsburgh area projects including Heinz Field. Hillis-Carnes was directly responsible for the management and administration of the construction plans, as well as the inspections of all structural steel, reinforcing steel, precast concrete erection, structural masonry, concrete for pile caps, grade beams, slab-on-grade/slab-on-deck, near-surface soil compaction including the playing field sub-grade, waterproofing, and firestopping. Our firm was the Special Inspectors for the City of Pittsburgh verifying that all construction complied with the contract documents, and we were on site 100% of the time through project completion. Our firm has had offices in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania including branches in State College, Harrisburg, Lehigh Valley, and Philadelphia (Media) for many years now. Expanding our presence in Western Pennsylvania will enable us to meet the rising demands of our Clients across all parts of the state. Contact us to discuss your next project!

Blade: Crafted of three layers of steel using the Sanmi process, the 6-inch blade showcases steel taken from the hull of the Battleship North Carolina on both outside surfaces, with a carbon core between. The process delivers a look similar to Damascus steel but enables the Ship's steel to be on full display, highlighting its own distinguishable pattern with alloy banding. Handle: Sourced from the deck of the Battleship, the teak composing the 5 1/2 inch handle has been sand-blasted to bring out the grain, creating a weathered look evocative of the Ship's original period. This knife is hand forged from knifesmith Steve Watkins of Iron Man Forge and comes with a hand made leather sheath. This collectible is an opportunity to own one of a limited run of bespoke knives made of and for the Battleship North Carolina. It offers a piece of American military history in a unique form that can be treasured and shared through the years. Each piece is unique, one of a kind, and is heirloom quality. This is for the 2020 Limited Edition of 30 knives and they come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Care Instructions.

Race your way through the hills and crush your enemies with steel. Collect loot from your fallen enemies and boost your vehicles with the best upgrades and special weapons you can find. Unlock new customizable tanks and brawl your way heroically from one battlefield to another all the way to the futuristic Moon. Earn your stripes by winning one tank battle at a time and climb up the ranks to become the greatest war marshal the world has ever seen!

To aid in better assessing the corrosion performance of AZ91 die cast magnesium, standard salt spray corrosion tests have been made on both randomly selected commercial die castings and on three series of controlled purity test panels. The results reveal that the poor performance often associated with magnesium parts in salt spray are due principally to iron, nickel, and copper contamination levels. When these contaminants were limited, severe pitting corrosion was eliminated and the salt spray performance was good to excellent when compared to 380 aluminum and cold rolled steel.

The corrosion of cast, 3 mm thick, AE44 magnesium-alloy plates fastened to aluminum-alloy threaded counterparts, either constituting the screw or the nut, were tested in neutral salt spray for 48 hours, with or without interposed AA5051 spacers (washers). Steel nuts or screws were used, always insulating from corrosion the steel sides. Couplings between magnesium alloy plates and coated steel counterparts (screw heads) with interposed AA5051 washers were also tested, while insulating the nut side. Every 4 or 8 hours the test was halted and the samples were rinsed and photographed for manual image analysis. Then the plates were unmounted, slightly polished (highlighting the deep corrosion pits), and scanned for automatic image analysis. Different image analysis methods were compared. The least corrosion occurs, in couplings with aluminum alloy counterparts, when AA5051 washers are interposed; whereas the most effective coupling with steel counterparts is the one with nylon coated steel heads.

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