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Rezo Beavers
Rezo Beavers

Deer Hunter 2003: Legendary Hunting Vip Hack

you can still enjoy a good meal after a successful hunt. when targeting mature deer, its not unusual for hunters to shoot the animal and immediately begin to harvest the meat. this is the ideal scenario, and is typically what hunters are trained to do. the problem is that it can be inconvenient, and it can be dangerous if you are attempting to do so while driving. if you want to become a mobile hunter, then you need to have a portable butterfliy. i have a large, well stocked cooler with a lid that latches onto the back of my vehicle. i keep a long handled meat chopper in the cooler, along with a plastic bag to put all my meat in. i put a garbage bag in the cooler to place all my game tags, as i dont have any holders that will fit in the cooler. i keep a small cooler next to me that holds a 12-pack of soda, and i keep a smaller cooler with a handle on the front that holds a couple of drinks.

Deer Hunter 2003: Legendary Hunting Vip Hack

there are many advantages to being a mobile hunter. if youre worried that you may get waylaid by some well intentioned hunters on your way to the check-in station, then you need to prepare for the worst. i carry a cell phone with me at all times. i also have a compass with me, a cheap gps, a sleeping bag, a poncho, and a good map of the area. i always have a spare tire with me so that i can change it if needed. if i dont have a map with me, ill also have a spare pen or pencil. if i dont have these things, ill be willing to trade for them. it is not always necessary to have all these items, but you dont want to be caught in an emergency without a viable means to get home. if you are a mobile hunter, then you need to plan for the unexpected, and be prepared for anything. it does not matter how good you are, or how many trophies youve already won, if you do not have the right equipment, or a viable means to get home, you can be eliminated from the equation in an instant.

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