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The Bible Of Ielts Listening Book

The Cambridge Official Guide to IELTS is one of the most comprehensive books for IELTS available to candidates. Their full package of IELTS study material includes their ultimate IELTS study guide, the entire collection of reading material for the IELTS test and also some video material that helps candidates improve their speaking and listening skills.

the bible of ielts listening book

Consider this your IELTS bible, especially for beginners! This comprehensive resource is great for students working their way up from a Band 4 proficiency level. The book breaks down the test format and all its components, walking you through the tips and strategies you need to score higher. Practice exercises cover all the types of questions you might find in your test. Along with answer keys and clear explanations of the correct answers, you can build your test-taking strategies overall or focus on the areas where you need a little extra help.The book comes with eight full practice tests, so you can get a hands-on feel for what to expect from the real thing! Since Cambridge is one of the official IELTS administrators, you can be confident that you are studying using test-accurate material. The DVD-ROM that comes with the book includes videos to help you work on your Speaking section too!

I would like you to book a trial lesson with me so that we can determine your individual goals and how I can best assist you in reaching them. I take a non traditional approach to make lessons unique for you. With a Family Physician, I read published medical articles together from PubMed. With an architect , I discuss building structures on the UNESCO world heritage sites. With business people , I focus on Business English. With Academic Students, I focus on Academic English. With those looking to travel and experience new cultures, I focus on conversational English, with speaking and listening skills. I will tailor your sessions for you and enjoy your advancements in proficiency with English. 041b061a72

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