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Best Robotics Stocks To Buy !!LINK!!

A report suggests that The global robotics market is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 22.8% over the next ten years. It will reach $214 billion in 2030 as demand increases for industrial robots and companies improve their technology.

best robotics stocks to buy

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Moreover, the chip giant recently revealed in its GPY Technology conference that multiple start-ups are using its cutting-edge new AI platform, Orin IGX. The platform is being used by more than 70 medical device specialists looking to accelerate the development of robotic surgery systems. Given its strong progress of late, NVDA could potentially give Intuitive Surgical and other top players in the robotics-assisted surgery market a run for their money. Thus, making it one of the top robotic stocks to buy.

Featuring as one of the top robotic stocks to buy, Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) has established itself as the robotic surgical instruments market leader. Its tools allow doctors to perform minimally invasive surgeries, leading to better outcomes. ISRG has been a robust performer in the space, generating over 16% top-line growth in the past five years. Despite the impressive performance, in 2021, only 3% of surgeries were conducted robotically.

It has grown its top and bottom line by single-digit margins and has the potential to perform even better once it gets past the current market headwinds. Moreover, it is looking to reduce its exposure to China, which is its top growth driver. It is seeking to reduce its reliance and has seen progress in the space. Non-Chinese sales accounted for 64% of its total revenues in its second quarter, up from 57% last year. The diversity in its revenue base will help reduce the risks associated with its stock and help claw back its gains lost in the past year. Thus, it represents one of the robotic stocks to buy.

Market Research Future reports that the global robotics market could grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22.8 percent to reach US$214.68 billion by 2030 as demand for industrial robots rises and robotics companies improve their technology.

The medical and service robot segments are also contributing to overall robotics market growth. Surgical robots are increasingly being used in a variety of surgery types, from cardiac to spinal, allowing for better patient outcomes. The medical robotics market is expected to reach US$44.45 billion by 2030.

Which top robotics stocks to consider? The Investing News Network is providing an overview of the seven top robotics stocks trading on the NYSE and NASDAQ. With the global robotics industry primed for massive growth in the coming years, the time is ripe for investors to jump into this space.

First on this list of top robotics stocks is NVIDIA, the inventor of the graphics processing unit (GPU), which is now widely used for creating interactive graphics on laptops, mobile devices and workstations. Alongside GPUs, NVIDIA offers processing capabilities to scientific researchers with supercomputing sites around the world.

Thermo Fisher Scientific recently partnered with Celltrio, a manufacturer of robotics-based solutions for the life science industry, to provide fully automated cell culture systems to biotherapy researchers.

Next on this list of top robotics stocks is a leader in surgical robotics, Intuitive Surgical. The company made the first minimally invasive surgical robotic system to receive clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration.

BD was a major investor in the US$1.1 billion financing of medical robotics company Vicarious Surgical (NYSE:RBOT). In 2022, the company acquired Parata Systems, a maker of robotic technologies that automate pharmacy tasks, for US$1.5 billion.

Multi-industrial conglomerate Emerson Electric Company designs and manufactures electronic and electrical equipment, software, systems and services. The firm is best known for its automation solutions.

In simple terms, robotics is defined as the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation and application of robots. The field has subsets such as automation and artificial intelligence.

Both automation and robotics have been used interchangeably, but these terms have certain differences. Automation is the process of using technology to carry out specific tasks, and not all robots are designed for automation. That said, most robots are, especially those with industrial uses.

For investors looking to enter the robotics sector, large companies like the ones listed above may be a good place to start. Those with a broader approach who would rather put their money into the sector as a whole rather than in a single company may want to consider exchange-traded funds focused on robotics.

Boston Dynamics is a private mobile robotics engineering firm that specializes in building robots and software for human simulation. Originally part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston Dynamics is held by Hyundai (80 percent) and Softbank Group (TSE:9984) (20 percent).

As the stock market appears to be taking a breather today, tech stocks could continue to present opportunities for investors. These include robotics stocks that may have been going under the radar of some investors. After all, robotics and automation not only make industrial processes more efficient. There are also robots that can also offer convenience to consumers. For example, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) utilizes mobile robots inside its warehouse network, working side-by-side with human workers. These robots play an integral part in helping the company achieve speedy deliveries to customers. But Amazon also has a home robot known as the Astro. It can help owners monitor their homes for security purposes or keep track of elderly family members.

First, we will be looking at the up-and-rising robotics company, UiPath. Put simply, the company offers an end-to-end platform for automation. By combining the Robotic Process Automation solution with a suite of capabilities, it enables every organization to scale digital business operations. Following its IPO in April this year, PATH stock appears to be moving sideways. Could things finally be looking up for the stock?

Not to mention, Plex System also announced the launch of Plex Production Monitoring last month. This is a new quick-start solution that helps manufacturers gain visibility into real-time plant floor data. Thus, manufacturers can create scoreboards and customizable views, displaying measurements such as downtime, quality, and production cycles. Given these exciting developments, would you consider ROK stock a top robotics stock to watch?

The global robotics market will reach $214.68 billion by 2030 and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 22.8%, according to Market Research Future. Unsurprisingly, leading companies are looking to get in on the action.

This past August, e-commerce giant Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) struck a deal to acquire iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT) for $61 a share in an all-cash deal valued at $1.7 billion. iRobot is best known as the maker of household robots such as the Roomba vacuum cleaner and other devices that carry out chores on behalf of consumers.

While it never hurts to keep an eye out for companies intent on using technology for questionable purposes, most of them are simply attempting to make human life easier. Whether that means they automate basic tasks that humans never really enjoyed anyway or develop lifesaving surgical robotics solutions, there are plenty of great companies out there worth investing in.

No list of top robotics stocks would be complete without mention of Intuitive Surgical. The company has been around for over two decades now and is best known for pioneering the innovative da Vinci system.

Nvidia is a similar play, as the company makes the technology that powers some of the top robotics stocks on the market. The company got its start in 1999 when it ushered in a new era of graphic processing units or GPUs.

Our next top robotics stock is Teradyne, which tackles some of the biggest challenges in manufacturing through two segments. On one level, Teradyne is a task automation company, while on another, it offers automated testing for electronic products.

On the automation front, Teradyne provides collaborative and automated robotics solutions for a variety of different industries. Their subsidiaries include AutoGuide Mobile Robots, Universal Robots, and Mobile Industrial Robots, all of which are dedicated to introducing new features that allow employees to work more efficiently.

Teradyne is also well known among tech investors for speeding up the testing process for things like semiconductors, wireless products, storage devices, and beyond. This helps get the latest products on shelves faster with a reduced risk of technical issues. Teradyne is an interesting choice for investors looking into robotic stocks and tech stocks by combining the best of both worlds.

As you can see from this brief overview of some of the best robotics stocks on the market, there are now plenty of companies pioneering solutions in the robotics and AI industry. Some are solid blue chip stocks with a huge market cap and solid dividends.

Keep in mind that robotics and AI are still emerging industries, so many of these ETFs may be best approached as long-term plays. When in doubt, make sure you consult with a professional investment advisor.

BOTZ is among the most popular ETFs that invest in companies that are poised to benefit from the increased adoption of robotics and AI. It also offers an extended reach into technology like semiconductors and software solutions.

ROBO is a nice choice if diversification is among your biggest goals. The ETF offers exposure to AI, robotics, and healthcare technology solutions around the globe. It also offers a nice collection of large, mid, and small market cap companies.

Robinhood was the first to pioneer commission-free investing and offers an easy, beginner-friendly platform for investing in stocks, EFTs, and crypto-currencies. As compared to other platforms, Robinhood tends to be very straightforward, which may be a welcome relief for some investors. 041b061a72

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