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Rezo Beavers
Rezo Beavers

Wo Mic Client

Install VC runtime re-distributable (x86) from Microsoft. This is necessary for WO Mic client to be working correctly; otherwise you willmeet missing DLLs error. If you have installed it before, just skip this step.

Wo Mic Client

If you have a Windows PC then you can either download the Wo Mic App on Play Store, App Store, or directly on their website. Do the same on your computer and download the client made for the PC platform on the relevant website. Running the setup is really easy. Wo Mic Device drivers can also be installed on the same website easily. The files are really small in size and easier to run. Once this step is done, you will be able to see the Wo Mic device installed on your computer.

Step 7: Now, install the WO Mic client and the WO Mic Virtual Device Driver, which you have downloaded on your PC. The installation steps are simple. Just proceed with the default settings for the installation.

I use Mumble (desktop client) + Murmur (as LAN server) + Plumble (Android/iOS client). This results in the lowest latency I've ever achieved (sounds almost like normal loopback, theoretically 7ms WiFi delay + 2x 10ms codec delay = 27 ms).

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