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Download FullCAM: A Tool for Estimating Carbon Stocks in the Land Sector

If you are interested in calculating the carbon stock change in your land, you may want to download FullCAM, a software tool developed by the Australian Government. FullCAM stands for Full Carbon Accounting Model, and it is used for modelling Australiaâs greenhouse gas emissions from the land sector.

download fullcam

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FullCAM can estimate the carbon stock change in ecosystems such as forests, croplands, grasslands and other vegetation, resulting from land use and management activities. It can also generate abatement estimates for vegetation projects under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), a scheme that provides incentives for reducing emissions and enhancing carbon sequestration.

FullCAM is available for public download from the Department of Climate Change, Energy and Environment website. There are two options: the default 2020 FullCAM option and the alternative 2016 FullCAM option. The default option is recommended for most ERF projects, unless they meet specific requirements for using the alternative option that are listed in the relevant method-specific FullCAM guideline.

Before downloading and using FullCAM, you must read the Licence agreement and the FullCAM Guidelines. The guidelines provide you with instructions on how to use the tool for specific methods and how to resolve problems. You can also watch a video demonstration of FullCAM on the Clean Energy Regulator website.

FullCAM is a powerful and flexible tool that can help you estimate the carbon stock change in your land and participate in the ERF. However, it is not a simple tool to use, and it requires some technical knowledge and skills. If you need assistance with using FullCAM, you can contact the Clean Energy Regulator or consult an expert service provider.How to Use FullCAM for Your Land Project

Once you have downloaded and installed FullCAM, you can use it to estimate the carbon stock change in your land project. The steps involved are:

  • Select the method that applies to your project. FullCAM supports several methods for different types of vegetation projects, such as reforestation, avoided clearing, farm forestry and human-induced regeneration. You can find the list of methods and their requirements on the Clean Energy Regulator website.

  • Define the project area and baseline scenario. You need to map the boundaries of your project area and identify the land use and management activities that would have occurred in the absence of the project. You can use the Carbon Farming Mapping Tool, a web-based application that allows you to draw and edit polygons on a map.

  • Input the data and parameters for your project. You need to provide information on the vegetation types, climate zones, soil types, disturbance regimes and management practices that affect the carbon stock change in your project area and baseline scenario. You can use default values from FullCAM or enter your own values if you have more accurate data.

  • Run the simulation and generate the output. FullCAM will calculate the c